Mind that Matters ( Part II)

Today, as we all know that Tesla cars are one of the most sought after cars in terms of their technological features and advancement . This incredible scientific & technological progress achieved by human beings is because of one and only one faculty and that's "THE MIND" It is such an incredible instrument but hardly... Continue Reading →

MIND that Matters

Human beings are on the top of the evolution on this planet . We are indeed the best species as far as the sophistication and the complexity of our brain structure . But, when it comes to just survival a human being may not be that equipped like that of other species . We cannot... Continue Reading →

The game of Lies

There are somethings which lie deep hidden in the recess of one's heart forever ...aren't they ? Lie is something that humanity has been well versed with since times immemorial. It is one thing that is always around some where getting expressed in a million different ways . For many of individuals , lying is... Continue Reading →

The play of Desires

Desire ... this six letter word is so powerful that it is alone responsible to drive eyerything in the world . Whether it a child , a man , woman, an animal , and even plants , we all have desires to live and grow. All the basic instincts of survival and reproduction, protection of... Continue Reading →

The Great Rat Race

Run ...Run...Run This is the mantra being taught to almost every individual since birth . The moment a child is born destiny is already fixed for him . This child is going to become a engineer, doctor or a lawyer . There is no room for error. The child raised like a horse getting ready... Continue Reading →

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